Dundas United Recreation Club has a Member Protection Information Officer (MPIO). The role of the MPIO is to be the first point of contact for anyone with an enquiry or concern about a member protection issue. The MPIO is a sounding board for these concerns and can offer information on complaint resolution, policies and other aspects of the issue being discussed. The MPIO does not offer advice, suggestions or recommendations and the MPIO does not investigate complaints or reports. It is the responsibility of the Club (President and/or Executive) to decide who investigates complaints or reports but it should never be the MPIO who conducts the investigation.

Member Protection encompasses several areas: Harassment, abuse, victimisation, racial vilification, child protection and bullying. Any matters outside of this scope are not member protection matters.

The following links will assist in clarifying what member protection is, how the MPIO role operates at a club or association and where to obtain further information and training.

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