Registration FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions 

We hope you find many of the answers you are searching for through these FAQ’s.  For any further questions or inquiries of any type, please reach out to Dundas United Soccer Club Competition secretary /  Registrar Tina Hatchman via email . Thanks for your support of Dundas United Soccer

Q: When does registration open?

A: Registration opens 4th January 2023. 

Q: What age group will my child be in?

A: Players age group for 2023, is the age they will be 31st December 2023. 

Q: How long does the season run for?

A: The 2023 soccer season starts April 4th 2023 and runs for 18 weeks finishing in September

Q: When will I be notified of when Training begins?

A: Typically, coaches will notify their players when training begins early March  

Q: Can a child play in an older age group (“play up”)?

A: While this generally is not advised, a player who is at the oldest age for their classification may be allowed to play in the next oldest age group. A parent or guardian will have to make a special request at registration. The club Soccer Registrar will need to discuss this with the parent or guardian and possibly evaluate the player before granting permission.

Q: Can a child play in a younger age group (“play down”)?

A: No. 

Q: My child has little or no soccer experience. Will they get much playing time?

A: Coaches are directed to divide playing time as equally as possible for all players, regardless of ability. 

Q: When & Where are the games on?

A: Games are on every Saturday during the season, for teams U6 – U16 are usually game times are in the morning, Youth (17 -18) may have games at lunch time. Adults 19yrs + games are at either 1pm or 3pm. Games are held on fields within the Granville Association ranging from Pendle Hill to Lidcombe 

Q: When & Where is training on?

A: Training for teams U6 and above are on a Tuesday or Wednesday evening. Training sessions run for 1hr between 5pm – 6.30pm. Day and Time will be organised by the coach in consultation with Players/parents of the team. All training will be a Dundas Park Dundas.

Q: Does the club have female teams?

A: The club has U6, U7 and U8 girls only teams along with our U6 & U7 mixed teams. Female only teams are welcomed. Otherwise females are welcomed in all our mixed teams U6 – U16.

Q: What experience is needed for the men’s teams?

A: No experience needed. The club caters for all ages and all levels. 

Q: What playing kit must players wear?

A: All players will be given a playing shirt to be worn only during games. All players must purchase club shorts and socks from our Uniform shop online All players MUST wear shin pads and soccer boots 

Q: What do players wear during training?

A: Players are to wear comfortable clothing, training shirts can be purchased from our uniform shop online All players MUST wear shin pads and soccer boots 

Q: What happens to games and training during wet weather?

A: Rain does not mean a game or training is cancelled. For games, clubs and referees must meet at the field to determine playing conditions before cancelling. Players should report to the field by game time. Soccer can be safely played in a light to moderate rain. We will not play or train while lightning is visible from the field location.

Trainings may be cancelled at the coach’s discretion. Make sure you have a clear understanding with your coach what the criteria and procedure will be for canceling a training. 

Q: What is the Dundas United’s philosophy on player development? A: Player development is our main concern. Each level offers different stages of expectations. The focus is completely on individual skill development and ball mastery for all age groups U11 and below.  Winning is not our main concern at these ages. Developing a love for the game, having fun, and creating well-rounded players are key components. U12 age groups and above become more competitive and eventually there must be a balance with development and success. With proper training, this is a natural course. The Directors of Coaching are responsible for outlining and communicating a player development curriculum which will fully develop our youth players under the Dundas United Soccer Club coaching philosophy.