Round Review

Curtis’ Round Review 2021


Round 1

Under 6 Koalas had a fabulous first game together. We came up against a tough opposition which saw us losing the 1st half. With some great teamwork we came back in the second half. Look out Rydalmere! 

Under 6 Wombats what a way to start the season. All the U6 Wombats were very excited for there first match of the season. Each team member gave it there all on the field and well done to Josh for the Player of the Match today, scoring 8 of the 12 goals. Thanks coach Matt for your enthusiasm and energy and in making sure all players were excited for the season.

Under 8 Wombats played against Rydalmere on Saturday. It was a great day out for our families down at Curtis Oval. Our team had some good chances at scoring. What an impressive effort by our goal keepers Benji and Ryan C. Matthew did well with assisting and Ryan D. had some good chances to score. Well done to Rydalmere’s goalkeepers, they were very good. Kurtis, Brody and Jaehoon showed us their passing and tackling skills. A good job by Morris and Mustafa with their throw-ins. Dimitri did well encouraging his teammates. The final score was Dundas 0- Rydalmere 2. Thank you to Connor for refereeing our match. We look forward to getting back out on the field for our next training session in preparation for round 2. Well done team!

Under 8 Possums played Wenty Waratahs this week. Despite being a player short we dominated the game. 2 goals each from Sebastian,  Ayden, and man of the match Josiah and 1 by Joshua got us off to a great start to the year. Special mention to Aaron in goals for keeping a clean sheet in his first ever game as goalkeeper.

Under 10’s What a day to start the season. With our boys storming out the field against the tough Auburn team, the boys brought their A game against the opponents and played like champions. Jeddy scored a powerful goal and followed shortly by another big kick from Samuel. Auburn did not disappoint and returned back the score to make it an even 2-2.  Our defence and midfielders keep dominating against our gigantic opponents, Aiden, Jayden and Jihu defended like true warriors. Rhys, Samuel, Jeddy and Josef showed us some good dribbles and very strong tackles, while Gabriel, Diego and Santi kept attacking and giving us great assists. To top off, Dominic and Hudson guarded the goal like hawks. Towards the end, Jeddy shot the ultimate goal which gave our team the victory they deserve. Well done boys and thanks to our Coach, Michael, who inspired the boys to go for gold!

Under 14’s A beautiful morning greeted the team as we kicked off the season against Toongabbie. The core of the team has been together now for a number of years and even though we lost some players at the end of last season, we welcomed some new players to fill the gaps with Leticia, Jayden, Antonio and Rachel all debuting for the club.

Toongabbie have always been a tough opponent, fast on the edges and skilful through the middle, they have always provided us with a good game so the team knew that a consistent effort would be required for the whole game to come away with a win, especially as we had no reserves to call on today.

We got off to a flying start with Shane, our most consistent marksman last year, picking up his first goal for 2021 within a couple of minutes and following up with a second only a few minutes later. But as has always been the case against Toongabbie, they did not hold back and kept pressing our goal. Shane scored a third goal to stretch the lead and the team started to look comfortable nearing half time when Toongabbie managed to score twice to bring the score back to 3:2. Antonio scored just before the break and another by Shane made the half time score 5:2. Good contributions during the half also came from Antony, Jack, James as centre back and Ammar and Leticia also protected the left edge well.

In the second half, the team again began strongly, with Shane picking up his 5th and 6th goals for the game. It was a warm morning and our team clearly started to feel some of the effects of the heat as Toongabbie moved the ball well through the middle and managed to 3 quick goals to bring the score to 7:6. There was quite a bit of tension as we defended bravely against a team with fresh reserves. Marc was very busy at the back and saved the team on more than one occasion with some great clearing kicks and using his height to head the ball away from danger. Kieran picked up his first goal of the season after an error from their keeper to stretch the score again and provide the team with an 8-6 win to open the teams account for the year. Jayden also played very well in goal for the second half on his debut game for the club.

A good win for the team. The Player of the Game was Jaiden for a usual, robust and tireless performance in our midfield.

Youth – successful first game for the youth team winning by a convincing margin. Defenders Takota, Matt, Ben and Alvin making sure Tom got his first clean sheet to start the season. Commanding work with Jono Tom and Himanshu controlling the game with our attack finishing off the game with Nam getting a hattrick. Overall great start to the season only upwards from here.  

AAM4 – tight encounter for the AAM team coming out victors 5-3 a solid defensive work from the 3 at the back and our 4 man midfield with our attack getting open on the score sheet to help push us over the line in our first game in our push for the championship this season.

The AA5 men played Toongabbie this week missing 5 key players to injury and holidays. After being down 1 nil early on, 2 goals from new striker Danny had us back in control. Unfortunately Danny picked up an injury towards the end of the half and our momentum stalled. In the second half an early goal took the wind out of our sails and things started to fall apart. The game ended 6-2 against us, but there were plenty of positives to take from the performance. We go again next week.

The first game of O45 Blk started smoothly against Greystanes white. Our boys were full of energy and put in 3 solid goals in the first 30 minutes (Hatrick by Mr. Yong Zhang). After Fan Yang put in another one, we finished with a 4:0 lead for the first half. 

The second half was much of a relaxing game for both sides knowing the result would not be any surprise to all. They got two goals and we have 3 more. Yong Zhang 2, Michael Deng 1.  We are looking forward to a better season altogether.

Round 2

Under 6 Koalas Unfortunately we came up against another strong team this week. The opposition played a skillfull game which saw us lose 10-1 ?. With a nice little penalty goal from David us unicorns never gave up. Keep up the hard work koalas. We’re all having fun and that’s all that matters!

U6 Wombats What an awesome game.
It was great to see the U6 Wombats so excited for their 2nd game.
Well it started out slow, with the other team only having 2 players, and then during they had 5 players.
The game ended with 10-3 To Dundas.
The boys did really well.

Under 8 Possums The under 8’s played Greystanes this week. We kept the momentum from last week rolling with a comprehensive 5-1 win. Sebastian starred bagging a hat trick and Ayden provided the other 2 goals. But player of the match went to Hannah for 6 or 7 amazing tackles. What a machine. Special mention to Georgie and Jack who played their first games for the club. Both did very well. 

Under 8 Wombats played against Toongabbie at Giraween Park. It was great to see the team building up their skills with an enthusiastic warm up. Good job by Dimitri for getting in a few warm up passes. There were quite a few near goals in the first half. Brody, Ryan C., Matthew, Kurtis and Jaehoon showed us their tackling skills and a team effort at quite a few assists and near goals. Mustafa and Morris gave it their best in goals. The final score was Toongabbie 5, Dundas 2 with our goals scored by Benji and Ryan D. Keep up the team effort Dundas!

Dundas U10 had a really close game at Curtis this morning, defeating Greystanes by 4:3. Facing a competitive opponent, the team was able to dominate the midfield, perfectly executed Coach Michael’s game strategy, and put on a show of resilience by coming from behind twice in the match!  At a minute and a half, Gabriele scored the first goal for us before Greystanes made it equal minutes later. Greystanes scored again right before the end of the first half and took the lead by 2:1. At 10 minutes into the second half, Jayden brought us up to a tie with his powerful long-range shot, but it was only followed shortly by another score by the other team. Greystanes were in front again by 3:2. Samuel cancelled Greystanes’ lead by added another point to the scoreboard for us. With only a few minutes to go,  Rhys’ tireless attackings finally brought the outcome the team has been waiting for. His clever shot in the box passed the keeper and found the back of the net. Dundas took the lead! Meanwhile, our keeper, Hudson, and the defense line made up of Aiden, Jihu, Santi, and Cayden were able to keep Greystanes’ attacks fruitless for the rest of the game until the final whistle. Well done boys and Coach Michael by adding another game to our winnning streak! 

Under 11 The U11 team was up against a strong team this week. Off to a slow start and letting in 2 early goals, the team recovered quickly by scoring the next goal. Overall in the first half, there were limited opportunity in attack and trailed 1-4 into the break.

In the second half Dundas United showed more aggression and more opportunities were presented. Unluckily, we weren’t able to capitalise on all of them and unfortunately the team went down 2-8.

Overall the U11 played well together against a tough team, especially losing 2 players in the second half due to injuries and finished playing with only 7 players.

A special thanks for the goal keepers Oli and Michael, who both did a great job and made a number of great saves. Also a shout out to Hudson for helping out the team from the U10s team.

Under 12 Great game by the U12’s! Our first win 3-1 after a fairly even-matched game.

Excellent job by the forwards to finish 3 goals into the net, and our backs frustrating the other team to hold back all but one conceded goal. Special mention to John and Correy who stepped up to take a stint in goals – Proud of their team spirit to fill that difficult position. Well done guys, and well done all!

Under 14 After a win last week to kick off the season, the team was on a high and ready to play strongly again and back up the performance from round 1. The team would have to do it again with only 11 players so everyone taking the field today new that a big effort was required.

Guildford has been a strong opponent in recent years and premiers only two years ago so this was not going to be an easy game.

Dundas United have really learned to pass and support each other in the last couple of years and settled into the game nicely. It was not surprising that Shane once again scored the opening goal after some excellent ball movement through the middle thanks to the likes of Jaiden and Keiran. The second goal was almost a carbon copy as Antonio found a beautiful pass through the centre to give Shane space down the right edge. Shane made no mistake with the conversion and Dundas were in control at 2-0.

Despite pulling a goal back, Antony, who may well be the smallest player in our team, put in a giant performance as goal keeper during the first half, pulling off a couple of excellent saves and ensuring that Dundas held the lead at half time. A tenacious performance from James at central defence and with Jack and Ammar holding down the wing defences, a good half was played by the whole team.

Guildford came into the second half with plenty of energy and desire to equalise the scores and many attacking raids were again thwarted by our resilient defence. Leticia repeatedly blocked their attack down the right and Marc turned up again and again to clear and blunt Guildford’s raids. In a swift counter attack, Shane scored his third goal for the match to give Dundas some breathing space at 3-1. Guildford didn’t go away and managed a final goal to keep the scores close, but Dundas were the superior side on the day.

Everyone played well today but the Player of Day award went to Marc for a huge performance at the back. He may not have scored any goals, but he saved many and deserves the award this week.

AAM4 The All Age men had a great game this weekend with a very high score. The men started with only 10 men as some were late but were still able to muster a couple goals to put them ahead. A very convincing margin win against a weaker toongabbie side resulted in goals from Lucas, Andy, Zak, Roy, Khadir and Dylan all getting on the scoresheet with a couple goals each to their name. The defence held out a relatively easy to manage attack resulting in a clean sheet overall another win for the all age men resulting in 2 wins from 2 this season.

AAM5 The All Age Div 5 team played Toongabbie today looking to make up for last weeks loss. Captain Paul getting us off the mark early with a goal from the penalty spot. More goals soon flowed with Striker Juanfra bagging a hat trick. Great all round team performance and a strong 6-1 win. 

O45 BLK This round O45 Blk has only 12 people attending including one has to leave early. Our opponent is a new strong team Holroyd Red. They beat Auburn Wht 11:0 in the first round. So, we tried but lose 1:7. We will definitely give them a better in the next round and or the finals. 

Round 3

Under 6 Koala An absolutely amazing effort from our Under 6 Koalas with 5 players today. With only 1 substitute everyone dug deep and played on the field longer than they have before. Sebastian and his big run ups and searching for dogs and lollies helped with his defending skills! Harry was outstanding with his defending and saved a load of goals for us. Ziyed helped Harry with awesome defending and running the ball up. Illaria and Ruby where all over the pitch and ready to defend, run the ball up, set goals up and score. Every single unicorn/koala played their little heart out today! Well done team ??? 

Under 6 Possums

Under 6 Wombats Well another beautiful Saturday morning for soccer. The U6 Wombats were all ready and energised for their game. All the boys worked together as a team to score 4 goals for the win. Well done to Jack for receiving the player of the match for this week. Thanks also to all the parents for supporting the kids, coach and managers. Your constant encouragement on the sideline is greatly appreciated. Go wombats!

Under 7 Wombats An amazing effort from the whole team, who were all so brave and strong in a close game. Huge heart shown to come back from 2 goals down to score our 3rd goal in the final minutes. Today’s goalscorers were John and Thomas, with everyone doing a great job to set them up! 

Under 8 Possums We were on the back foot early going down 1-0 in the first 5 minutes. That was the wake up call the kids needed. Seb and Ayden combined well an put on 3 goals in 5 minutes between them. The second half started well with Jack, George and Hannah defending well. Unfortunately we couldn’t hold it together and towards the end of the half the other team scored 3 quick goals of their own. Meaning we took our first loss of the year 4-3.

Under 8 Wombats The U8 Wombats drew 0-0 for round 3. What a beautiful, sunny morning it was over at Webbs Avenue. The first half started off with Kurtis ready to save in goals. Mustafa and Morris made some pleasing improvements with tackling while Brody showed us his persistence in chasing the ball. Well done to Benjamin for his assisting and to Matthew and Ryan C. for their near goals. Ryan D had some good shots at goal then moved on to be goal keeper in the second half. There was no stopping Jaehoon with his big kicks as he aimed to get the ball to his teammates. It won’t be too much longer now for Dimitri to join in with the matches. He’s been a good sport at encouraging his team mates and joining in with training where he can.  Coach Paul is very proud of you all and the improvements you’re making. Keep up the great attitude Dundas United!

Under 9 The U9 team had a great win yesterday. They are working like a team, skills and technique have developed immensely and best of all the smiles on their faces, friendships and fresh air are priceless! 

Under 10 Dundas U10 team had another tough match on Saturday morning. Dundas had a textbook opening of the match. Within 15 minutes, Rhys had already scored twice, converting the endless supplies of our midfielders, Jayden, Samuele, Gabriel, Diego and Santi. At the back, our defence line made by the goalkeeper, Dominic and defenders, Aiden, Jihu, Cayden and Hudson were able to keep the opposition’s attacks fruitless. Dundas led the score by 2:0 at the break. As the second half started, the opposition suddenly changed their strategies. Their long passes from their own half caught Dundas by surprise and caused a bit of drama within our box. Within a few minutes the opposition managed to strike quite a number of times and equalised the score. With the changes made by Coach Michael, Dundas started finding the ground again. Our Strikers, Jeddy and Josef came on fresh and tried to break up the opposition’s formation in the middle. However, their shots were blocked by the opponent’s brave keeper and could not change the score before the final whistle. The match ended as a 2:2 draw. Once again, the boys presented their wonderful skills, diligent efforts and determination to win in a very entertaining match. By the end of Round 3, Dundas U10 remained undefeated.

Under 11 This week the team was at home and we were fortunate to have four of the U10’s to help us out. We won 4-0. The U11’s controlled the ball well throughout the whole game, with great passing and support to each other. Pleasingly we had many shots at goal with 4 of them going in. The opening goal was from Reuben who scored it from near the half way line, into the top left corner. And a shout out to Renee for scoring her first ever goal (out of four seasons playing)! As part of our goal keeper rotation, we had strikers Josh and Kayla in goals!

Under 12 A difficult game for the U12’s this week with the biggest opposing team we have seen for a while.

It was a hard loss going down 11-1, with no Dundas reserves to relieve the pressure, but we were all proud to see the whole team pushing right through to the end.

A definite highlight was our goal from Jack – Taken on the full on the boot, soared high through the air to land behind the goalie in the goal mouth, and one bounce into the net. Even the opposition said goal of the match. A great lesson there – Take the shot when you can!

Under 14 The U14 had a tough game against Toongabbie on Saturday. Whilst we had a full team for the first time this season and expectations were high, we probably didn’t play to our ability level and in the end were out paced and out enthused by the team from Toongabbie. Well played all and better luck next week. The opening minutes of the game saw much movement of the ball from end to end and we had some chances. Things look good. But as Toongabbie always do, have a strong defence and were able to shut us down pretty quickly. They also move the ball well and were able to score the first goal after some effective passes through the midfield. We welcomed back Edwin for this game and his speed at the front was a good attacking tool. Toongabbie managed two more goals midway through the half to be up 3 – 0 and we were under some pressure. However our best goal scorer, Shane, despite suffering some soreness in his legs, managed to get our first goal and things started to look better. A 4th goal to Toongabbie meant we went in at half time down 4 – 1. In the second half we continued to play positively with everyone trying hard. With renewed energy and some wise words from Coach Ed, the team rallied in the second half and we managed goals to Edwin, Antonio and Shane to bring the scores to 5:4. The game was on! But Toongabbie managed to kick away again and the score ended up 8 – 4 at full time. The team did not play badly. Jaiden played strongly in the midfield and Keiran as always ran hard. Antony again played well as keeper for the first half and pulled off some great saves and Rachel also had her first go at keeping in the second half. Marc as usual did a mountain of work in defence and was ably helped by Jack, Ammar and James at the centre of the defence. This week we also welcomed Nicole into the team and she did not let anyone down.

A loss but plenty was learned and as usual, the team played with great spirit and enjoyment. 

Youth The Youth team (away) had a tough challenge today against Greystanes Wht FC (home). Right from the very beginning, our boys stayed focused and defended well. The Dundas defense in the first 20 minutes was particularly strong and Tom L saved some cracking attempts at goals. The first goal didn’t happen for Greystanes until almost 30 minutes into the game. It said a lot for how well we played against clearly a very strong opposition.

In the Second half our boys kept the up the pace and it was about 8 mins in when Patrick scored a beautiful goal. Greystanes Goal was equally strong and Dundas made some great unsuccessful attempts as goal. Whilst it was good  strong match from our boys, Greystanes were lucky enough to score two more goals in the last 10 mins one off a penalty kick. Some great ball handling from our boys, Connor, Jono, Nam to name a few and new to the team this year Alex, Ben and Alvin did a great job. Well done boys and well get them next time.

Final score 3-1

AAM5 The AAM5 team took on Lidcombe this week. Things looked promising early with only their keeper stopping us taking the lead. Unfortunately from there it was all Lidcombe. 5-0 loss and hopefully a better week next week.

O45 BLK Today we have pretty much a full team,15 on the list with 4 subs, comparing to last week’s 12. Our boys using great speed against comparatively older opponents put in 6 goals in the first half. In the second half, we pretty much played a much relaxing game. Final score is 12:2, a great win. Keep it up, boys!

Took a picture with a friendly opponent player after the game. What a nice Saturday!

Round 4

Under 6 Wombats Another beautiful Saturday morning at Curtis Oval and the U6 Wombats were ready to play. It was a physical game with all players putting there body on the line. The U6 Wombats were victorious winning 12-6. All the boys showed amazing team work and well done to Ricky our player of the match.

Under 6 Koalas ? lost 7-1 Another outstanding effort by our koala unicorns. Every week there’s a significant improvement and we’re playing as a team. Again everyone tried their hardest in defending and attacking. Our man of the match went to our little speedy rocket and goal scorer David. 

Under 7 Well Sydney turned on a perfect day for round 4 football. The U7’s team had an excellent game today  at home ground, winning 4-3. An awesome effort from the whole team showing amazing courage and teamwork. At the start of the second half we were 2 goals down but the team found second gear scoring 3 quick goals to bring home the victory. Goal scorers were Noah and Dennis while Thomas came so close on a number of occasions showing amazing determination and courage to go for it. Congratulations to the whole team, you made us all proud. Special congratulations to Dennis, who this week took the Play Of The Match trophy.

Under 8 Wombats Dundas United Under 8’s Wombats lost 4-0 despite the impressive goal saves by Matthew and Brody. We had 7 resilient players on the field without any substitutions as we were down 3 of our players. The team stuck in there giving it their best. Mustafa showed us some good defending with Morris and Benji who also did well passing the ball to their teammates. Jaehoon and Kurtis got in there with some good tackling and passes. Thanks to Dimitri for assisting with this recap. It’s great to see the team continue to grow and work on their collaboration skills on the field. Keep up the good work Dundas United.

Under 8 Possums Fresh off a great training session on Wednesday the kids were Raring to go. Penalty goals to Joshua and Aaron got us off to a great start. Georgie, Jack and Josiah ran there little legs off and helped to create the chances for our clinical striker Ayden who bagged a massive 5 goals. Our defensive maestro Hannah made tackles left and right and Goalkeeper Jeremiah made some top saves. It ended in a 7-3 win to Dundas! Go Unicorns!

Under 9 Another win today for U9 team. All the boys contributed to another successful win! Congratulations to Aiden on taking home player of the match! Smiles all round! 

Under 10 Dundas U10 faced it’s strongest opponent yet this season in Round 4. The opposition started the match well and quickly controlled the middle field. Its attack pierced Dundas defence at 10 minute and led the score by 1:0 until the break. After the match resumed, Dundas U10 gradually found its pace. Jeddy and Josef’s run started wearing down the opposite team’s defending while other team members were testing their goal keeper with long range shots. Within 5 minutes, Gabriel and Samuele struck in quick succession and overturned the score to 2:1. In the last 10 of the match, Pendle Hill kept the pressure on Dundas defence and scored another goal. The match ended with the final score of 2:2.

Under 11 U11’s played a great game today, they won 7-1. An early goal in the first half gave the team confidence and maintained majority of ball possession in the first half as well as creating plenty of opportunities to score and had a strong defensive backline, shutting down the opposition’s attack. The team went into half 2-0 ahead. The second half started similar to the first with Dundas scoring early and maintained control for the remainder of the great. All players had a great game, worked together and had fun, with 5 players scoring the 7 goals. The team’s highlights were the strong defensive and great passing to create the scoring opportunities. Shout out Nick, who has just joined us this week and scored a goal!! Also a thanks to Veronica and Daashan for sharing the goal keeping duties.

Under 12 Another tough game, but everyone can see the Dundas team improving every week. Keep it up boys and girls and there will be a win soon! Even though we took a loss, a couple of great goals were scored by Faisal and Tyler up the front. Everyone played well and the scoreline didn’t reflect the effort Dundas put it. Well done team.

Under 14 The U14 played very well on Saturday morning but were unfortunately beaten 4-2 by Ermington. Despite the defeat there were many good things learned from the games. We were a few players down and therefore had no reserves to call on so a big effort was required by all our players. We were also down our main strike weapon in Shane. However, our defence was set to defend our goal and our other attacking midfielders knew that they had a big responsibility to take their chances when they got them. Ermington are an evenly balanced side and were able to move the ball around quite well in the opening minutes of the game but as mentioned earlier, our defence held strong. Ermington continued to press and eventually wore us down as they opened the scoring. Our players continued to fight hard and create some chances but we couldn’t find the back of the net. Ermington scored again but we kept our heads high. Leticia played up front for the first time and was unfortunately struck in the face by the ball. She was a little shocked but after a quick rest, came back on and bravely continued. This typified the spirit of our team: never give up. In the second half we continued to show the spirit that the team has developed over the last few years. We always stay in the game and play until the final minute. This we did and it was not long before Kieran found some space after some excellent short passes and he shot past the keeper to put Dundas on the board. We were back in the game! It was a warm morning and as the second half worn on, our players started to tire and unfortunately we had no reserves to call on. Ermington managed to skip away again after they found some holes in our midfield but this was no-ones fault as the heat took its toll. We continued to rally and Kieran again showed some speed and good finishing skills to get us back within striking distance. But once again we were not able to maintain to momentum and Ermington scored again before the end of the game. The final score was 4-2 but the second half score reflected our teams commitment as the second half scores were 2 – 2. A brave effort by our players and in particular Kieran, taking Player of the Day award for his two goals.

Youth The Youth team (Home) had a tough challenge today against Guildford McCredie, a team we met in the trials. The first half our boys displayed some good defense and Tom did a great job blocking and saved a few attempts at our goal keeping the first half nil all. It was the second half when our boys energy levels seem to deplete and Guildford were able to snatch a couple goals in. Dundas pushed hard and made a few unsuccessful attempts at the McCredie’s goal. Unfortunately McCredie boys kept their form and were able to get a couple more goals in to win the gam 0-5. Whilst our boys were disappointed in the result. It was a tough team and confident we’ll get them next time. final score 0-5

AAM4 First half of the game the Dundas men dominated the game, starting with a goal in the first minutes from Andy B. 3 more goals followed by Andy B with a great header from a corner, Shaun with a chip over the keeper and a penalty shot from Lucas. Second half Merrylands came out of the sheds with determination, which resulted in a tougher half however our defenders Jayden, Zac and Seth made it hard for the Merrylands attackers. Many goal attempts from Andy Fynn, Lucas and Brandon and a successful goal from Ali. Great game! 

AAM5 The men played Holroyd today. Some great chances early and a much improved passing game had us right in the game. But the luck just wasn’t with us in the first half and we went in to half time 2-0 down. In the second half we dominated the game creating chance after chance. We brought it back to 2-2 with 15 to go and were piling on the pressure. Finally midfielder Aron made the breakthrough and put us up 3-2 with 10 to go. A solid defensive performance in the last 10 meant we came away with 3 points. What a comeback!!!

O45 BLK We have enough players today. Some of them have injuries. And some of them are totally not fit. Worstly, some of us not being concentrate! So we lost 2:3.

Round 5

Under 6 Koalas ? won 8-3!! With a tough start we were behind by just 2 goals. Our girl duo Illaria and Ruby are certainly a force to be reckoned with, with both of the scoring the momentum picked up. Jordan scored his first goal of the season and he helped Zyied, David and Sebastian defend and help move the ball up field. Harry was our man of the match and top goal scorer this week he ran his little heart out and certainly found his goal scoring boots. With our first win of the season our little unicorns all put in that extra effort as a team to pull off a win scoring them an ice cream each even though it was only 9:30am! Whoops! But very well deserved! Gooooo unicorns ? ?

Under 8 Possums We started off strong with goals to Seb and Ayden. Lots of hard running from Jack, Georgie, Jeremiah and Aaron helped us control possession. Some strong goalkeeping from Josiah and a late goal to Joshua meant it finished in a 5-3 win to the Unicorns. 

Under 8 Wombats We played without any substitutions in either half of the game. The Under 8’s gave it their best. The opposition took the lead with their one and only goal of the game, ending 1-0 their way. Matthew had some great runs and did well defending as did Jaehoon, who also saved a few first half goals by the opposition. After a serving of weekly refreshing half time fruit contributions, we were back for the second half. Brody, Mustafa, Morris and Kurtis showed us their tackling skills. Benji did well with his passes and defending then took over as goalie in the second half busy saving more goals. Great collaboration by Ryan D. and Dimitri who were unable to play, yet willingly helped out with our round recap. Thank you to Jonathan from Dundas United Youth team for refereeing our match. You’re improving more and more each week U8’s.

Under 9 Under 9’s gave it their all today and they played amazingly well! And had fun! Sometime you win some other times you lose some, the main thing they tried their best and congratulated there competitors on a game played well. 

Under 10 Dundas U10 has done it again! The team dominated Round 5 home game from the first minute until the final whistle. The boys made at least 30 shots at the opponent’s goal. Our star striker, Rhys scored twice in the first half and Gabriel added another in the second half. Diego is named as Player of the Match for his amazing run in the middle field. We would also like to thank our opponent. Their boys and girls completed the full 50 minutes match with no substitute. Their goal keeper performed so many wonderful saves denying our efforts to extend our lead any further. They are such a fair and respectful team and we can’t wait to meet them again! This is the third win for Dundas U10 this season. Well done, everyone!

Under 11 The team was off to a good start, leading 1 – 0 in the first 15 minutes of the game. However the opposition came back to in the first to finish 1-1  into half time. The team had a few opportunities and was backed up by a strong defensive back field. The were also a number of great saves by our goal keeper. The Dundas team started strong again in the second half, scoring first. However, the opposition manage to score 4 goals, with 3 of them late in the game. Dundas had a number of opportunities but were unlucky to unable capitalise on them, with shots hitting the post or great saves by the opposition’s goal keeper. The game finished with Dundas going down 2 – 5, however the game was a lot closer than what was reflected in the final score. A big thanks to Lachlan for goalkeeping for the entire game.

Under 14 Dundas United headed out to Giraween Park for their clash versus Toongabbie White. After a tough couple of losses in recent games, the team was ready to give the best of themselves and were positive that they could come away with the result. We were again without Shane’s strike power at the front but he felt flexible enough to play as goal keeper so it was good to see him back on the field. The team started well and the ground was solid despite the rain during the week. There was plenty of positive ball movement but we couldn’t put enough passes together to score and unfortunately conceded the first goal. Our U14 never feel that they are out of the game and kept their heads up and were at it again. Despite our best efforts, Toongabbie managed to score a second goal just before half time. Coach Ed encouraged the team at the break and made sure that they felt that they were ready to get back in the game. His words must have still been ringing in their ears as Edwin jagged a gaol back early in the second half and Antonio slammed the equaliser only a few minutes later. Dundas were now well on top and pressing hard to go in front. And so we did as Edwin scored his second. Dundas on top! Toongabbie were no desperate and Dundas defended fiercely for the last few minutes. Unfortunately for us, Toongabbie did score a third goal and that is were the game finished – a 3 – 3 draw. Whilst a draw may sound disappointing in some ways, to come back from 0 – 2 was a mighty effort for the team and to almost win it… OUTSTANDING. Antony was a deserved Player of the Day as he terrorised their midfield, won many balls off players twice his size and he was an important factor in the team playing as well as they did.

AAM4 The AAM4 had a tough, rough game this week.  We started the game with no subs and 2 borrowed players from AAM5. Once again we fought to get ahead, Andy B smashed in a early goal from outside the box, followed by another goal from Andy B. Then supersub Fynn, scored a goal within seconds of coming on. Mighty defenders Zac and Seth were once again on their game and nothing was getting by them. Shaun and Ali in midfield held the team together feeding great balls to our attackers. Going into HT the score was 3 – 0 and Holroyd were not happy. Second half, Holroyd picked up 2 goals from our mistakes but goals from Lucas and Dylan secured us the game. Thankyou to Aron and Vince for stepping up to help. 

AAM5 All Age 5s played Holroyd today. 2 quick goals put us in great shape early on , and another just before the half made it 3-0. Second half was looking to be more of the same until a red card halted our momentum. We still controlled the game a man down but copped a lucky goal against us from a rebound off a free kick. The game was put to bed shortly after with striker Danny getting his Hat trick and the game finished in a 4-1 win. 

O45 BLK Full team today. We played against a weaker team though we showed a good team spirit. Reasonable yet unselfish game all round. 9:0, good to see we finally have a game with a clean sheet on goals. Oh yes, we do deserve a good BBQ. Cheers!

Round 6

Under 6 Possums Under 6 Possums white won 5-1!!!  A great game was played by everyone!!! Illaria our player of the match scored an amazing goal running the length of the field. Sebastian, Zyied and David had some great kicks and were great little defenders saving lots of goals. Ruby, Illaria, Jordan and Harry had some great run ups and either scored or were very close to scoring! A great game played by all our little unicorns. A great improvement each week! Well done team??⚽️ 

U6 Wombats We were losing 3-2 at half time and came back with a 4-3  win.
Kids had a good and competitive game.

Under 8 Possums Our opponent this week looked to be a tough match. The action went back and forth but finally the deadlock was broken just before the half and we went in at 1-0 up. Our opponent scored quickly after half time and the game was tense. Finally we went ahead with player of the match Ayden scoring directly from a corner. What a goal! Sebastian scored soon after to make it 3-1. Strong defence from Jeremiah, Joshua and Aaron and some fantastic goalkeeping from Hannah meant we held on for the win.

Under 8 Wombats Our first opportunity to play as a full team with all team players having a go on the field. Great to see the parents and siblings enjoying the game. We had great shots at goal and an overall impressive improvement in tackling and passes. Mustafa, Kurtis and Jaehoon did a great job with defending and passes. Matthew and Ryan D. did well kicking the ball out while Brody had a go at corners. Dimitri joined his teammates showing us his good throw-in technique. This week we had Morris and Ryan C. doing us proud in goals. After many near goals across the team, Benji scored our first goal in the second half. The final score Dundas United winning 1-0. Our first win of the season. Under 8’s, you’re learning to work together more and more each week. Let’s get back out there and keep having fun!

Under 9 Our U9 team played well yesterday with another win! It was a close game , their new skills in playing positions, marking there opponents and practice in goal keeping is showing in their game. Well done to the team and a special congratulations to Issac for being selected as “player of the match”. 

Under 10 Dundas U10 was unstoppable in our Round 6 clash. We won the match by 5:2 with two goals from Rhys and one goal from Samuele, Diego and Jeddy each. The boys displayed a lot cooperations in the match with passing, coverings and holding the formation, which makes our win more convincing than ever. Dominic is named Player of the Match for putting himself on the line as our goal keeper.  Dundas U10 has won 4 of 6 rounds this season so far with another 2 draws. Well done and great teamwork! 

Under 12 Some moments of inspiration this week with great goals from the side by both Jack and Faisal (again!). Also a great run from Jack from our goal-kick, down the sideline, all the way to a shot on goal, all within 30 seconds. A lesson there: The sidelines are your friend! The middle of the field is the hard way, with 11 opposition that will get in your way every single time. Also some great patient play and passing by Lenny has been noticed the last few weeks. Keep up the good work everyone, and better results will come.

Under 14 The U14 have a had mixed bag of results this week. The team had a Wednesday evening game against Holroyd. We came away with a good win after a tight first half. All players played well and it was a good feeling after three losses in a row. However the team remained upbeat and feeling that they can compete with the better teams in the competition. On Saturday we faced exactly that – the team leading the competition, Toongabbie Black, a fast team that can sniff out a goal from anywhere. Our players would have to be at their best again to compete as we were once again down on strike power. Toongabbie always play with a lot of confidence and can find holes in the defence and they did manage a a couple of early goals. But such is the spirit of our Dundas team that they never give up and we plugged away and stayed in the game. We did manage to get once back but unfortunately it was not enough. The opposition in the end had more running in them than what we did and they got away from us in the end. Out team should hold their heads high. They were very brave and know that once we are back to full strength, we can compete with any team.

AAM5 We played the undefeated Ermington this week. The first half was back and forth but we were looking good and defending well. Unfortunately we went behind to a goal from a free kick 40 metres out which was heavily assisted by the wind. 1-0 at half time and we were well in the game. Unfortunately after the break we conceded 2 quick goals. 3 more followed later in the half. We did manage to get 1 goal back late but it was too little too late. 6-1 loss and we go again next week.

Round 7

U8 Possums We bossed the play early with great passing from Josiah and Jeremiah. Georgie and player of the match Jack ran there legs off to help us retain the ball. Both goalkeepers had great first halves making several saves, but a crucial goal from Ayden meant we went in 1-0 up at the break. The second half was more of the same but unfortunately we conceded 2 quick goals from counter attacks. We piled the pressure on late but it wasn’t enough. 2-1 loss. 

Under 6 Possums Under 6 Possums lost 11-3  ?Our little team are playing so well together but unfortunately up against a tough team this week. We all had lots of fun! Zyied was our Man of the Match having an all round great game… saving goals and nearly scoring himself a few times. A special shout out and thank you to Jordan and Illaria for playing back to back games this week helping the other possum team out and both of them scoring! Yay!! 

Under 7 In Round 7, all of the team showed how well they are progressing with their skills and understanding of the game. Working well together all players put in 100% in looking for the ball, passing and moving forward together in attack. While it was a 6-1 loss, the score was not reflective of the effort and opportunities we created to getting shots on goal. AWESOME work by all players, in particular Rayan, Maxim, Saanvi and Sade who showed big improvements this week, getting more involved in game play and really working hard in both attack and defence. Noah and Dennis continued their high intensity game play, looking for the ball and attacking at every opportunity, while John and Thomas put in 100% commitment and showed off their ‘all-rounder’ skills as they do every week

Under 8 Wombats Round 7 began with a goal from the opposition, Toongabbie, just moments after kick off in the first half. In goals this round were Matthew and Ryan D. What a terrific effort by both boys in goals and for having a go at some good runs. We had some near goals by Brody and Benji who also took on a corner kick. Jaehoon got quite a few kicks in and showed us some impressive defending. U8 Wombats are continuing to show us their improvements in
tackling with Kurtis and Morris getting in there and having a go and Dimitri with his big high kick from a throw in. The final score was Toongabbie 3, Dundas United 0. Thank you to Edwin from the U14’s for refereeing our game
and to our wonderful parent volunteers and children for their continuous assistance with extra duties for our club and team. Much appreciated.

Under 11 The U11 Wombats had a very evenly matched home game against local rivals today. They worked brilliantly as a team and there were good opportunities for both sides to score. The 0-0 score at half time reflected the fantastic effort and focus of our defenders and goalie, Reuben, who saved one very dramatic attempt on the goal line. In the second half, Dundas scored thanks to a great team effort that was finally put over the line by Nick. Our goalie, Veronica, saved a number of goals. Towards the end of the match our opponent scored a well deserved equaliser. The end of the match was very exciting as a corner by our opponent in the last few minutes failed to result in a goal and the ball was kicked towards the opposition goal as the final whistle blew.  Final score 1-1.

Under 12 Our first win for the U12’s! WooHoo! 3-0 in a game that was a little tighter than the scoreline shows. The U12’s all played really well and worked hard to the end with no subs in sight. Congratulations on the win, and more to come. Go Dundas!

Under 14 It’s been a mixed season for the U14 team. We’ve put together some excellent wins but also suffered some tight, dare I say heart breaking losses. This patter continued this week as we had another “double game” week with a game on Wednesday evening and then backing it up again on Saturday morning. The team has now played 5 games in the space of 2 weeks and some of the players also had their school games mid-week. These players have had 7 games in the same space of time. On Wednesday evening, we played against Greystanes BLK. Our players went into the game very positively, knowing that if they moved the ball and controled the play, a victory was possible. And this they did. Three goals in the first half, including a cracking corner from Marc that curled into the goal untouched, saw the team looking very good at the break. Unfortunately, a lapse in concentration at the start of the second half saw Greystanes score 2 quick goals and all of a sudden the games was a little tense. Our players however, quickly resharpened their focus, got back to what they were doing in the first half and managed another 4 goals for a very convinving win. The whole team played well. Antonio smashed 3 goals and contributions from Edwin and Kieran made it a great team effort. However, the Player of the Match award went to Nicole, filling in at centre back. She hassled their attackers and stopped many an attacking raid in a wonderful game. On Saturday, we traveled to Guilford. The sun was shining and we were hopful of contiuing our fine form, despite missing a couple of key players, and this we did in the first half. After absorbing some early pressure, some excellent passing saw Kieren find a great ball to Edwin who made no mistake with finish. From that point on we dominated field position and scored another late goal in the second half to go in at half time leading 2 – 1. We were confident that we could go on with the job in the second half but this is where the fatigue of a lot of football in a short time started to show. We struggled to get past a reenergised Guildford and we conceded 2 second half goals to go down 3 – 2. Our defence worked hard and Jack was rewarded with the Player of the Match award. This was a brave effort by our team. Whilst a loss hurts, we know that we have it within us to compete with any team in the competition and our players will get back on track soon.

AAM4 AAM/4 had a tough game this week playing one of the top teams. Dundas dominated the game with our attackers taking many shots at goal, but well done to the strong Holroyd Keeper. Game was very tensed and unfortunately calls did not go our way which resulted in many unnecessary cards. However Dundas never gave up and pushed through. 5 mins to the end of game with only 10 players, fast paced Fynn started his run with Lucas along side, nice team work resulted in the winning goal. The team then came together held it strong and nothing was getting past any of them. Well done team 1-0 win. 

AAM5 This week we played Greystanes. With a few players returning from injury we probably had our strongest starting 11 of the year, and it showed. We bossed the game from the outset. Even 3 sin bins and 5 (unjustified) yellow cards couldn’t halt our momentum. A standout performance from our Spanish sensation Juanfra with 5 goals, helped us on our way to a massive 10-0 win. Great team effort. 

Round 8

Under 6 Possums won 6-4 Our little team played fabulously for such a cold and early start away from home! Sebastian was our man of the match this week, he had some massive run ups for the kicks in and was up either end of the field like a hurricane. David kicked a great goal from the kick off and continued to run everywhere. Ruby was our hat trick goalscorer this week. Zyied despite being injured continued to defend and got stuck into the game. Illaria as always with her fantastic dribbling skills helped set up a couple of goals and continued to run the length of the field. One of the most memorable goals was from Harry this week when he scored a goal for his Dad! 

Under 6 Wombats U6 Wombats had a very slow start, It must of been the cold windy day.
They were loosing 1-0 in the first half and then second half came back to end the game with a 1 – 1 draw.

Under 7 Well it was a cold morning but the team showed up ready to play football. Without subs this week, no breaks meant everyone played the full 40 minutes. Everyone had a great performance with Noah scoring 3 goals in the first half, we were on fire. The second half saw us concede our first and only goal, not long after Sade scoring her first goal of the season, congratulations Sade!
John and Thomas never stopped all game, showing off their skills with strong defence and attack. Player of the week went to Thomas who showed courage in tackling and passing out of the midfield.
Overall it was a 4-1 win and we gone should be very proud. Let’s keep it going!

Under 8 Possums The under 8 possums played this week looking to bounce back from last week’s loss. We started well with some good passing between Josiah and Joshua. Aaron, Jack and Georgie ran there legs off to help us control the midfield. Hannah was a rock in defence as usual. 2 goals from Sebastian and a clean sheet from GK Ayden helped us to a 2-0 win.

Under 8 Wombats During round 8 the Under 8 Wombats demonstrated just how far they have come since the beginning of the season kicked off. They are continuing to improve their skills and most importantly having a great time. We all are! In goals this week we had Dimitri and Brody. Our first goal was scored by Benji early on in the first half. Such great teamwork with tackling by Morris, Matthew, Mustafa, Kurtis, Jaehoon and Ryan D. What a persistent effort! The second half was full of more excitement with three more goals by Ryan C. The final score being Dundas 4,0. As always, it was great to see everyone working together with encouragement and enthusiasm. We are proud to be a part of Dundas United!

Under 11 It was our first cold windy Saturday and the kids had to move around to stay warm. Our opposition scored an early goal over the head of keeper Renee. Some really good defence from Mario and Michael stopped the opposition attack and assistance from Veronica, Kramer and Kayla in the middle also helped. Ayden made a few good breaks and eventually scored a goal leveling the score just before half time. Daash had an injury in the first half but came back on and made a beautiful cross field pass to Josh but it just missed the goals. Kramer also just missed a shot on goal. Michael played goalie second half and stopped many attempts on goal with the ever reliable defensive support from Lachlan. Mario, Ayden and Josh put a lot of pressure on the opposition goalie throughout the game. The kids played well as a team and came away with a 1 all draw. Thanks to Hannah and Ayden from U8s who filled in & held their own with the bigger kids.

Under 12 Woohoo! Another win for the U12s, 5-0! The opposing team was down to 9 players, and we were very kind to even up the on-field numbers. With our WONDERFUL borrows from the U11’s that allowed us to have a few subs, and cycle our weary players. Everyone played an excellent game and should be very proud of the scoreline. Some very neat goals, and great defending. WELL DONE TEAM!!!
And a big thanks again to our borrows from younger teams – Josh, Daashan and Ayden – you guys rock!

Under 14 The U14 headed out to Bathurst Street park to play against Greystanes BLK on what was a bright but cold and breazy Saturday morning, and confident of a good performance. This team always plays with great spirit and today would be no different. We’ve had no designated goal keeper all season but there is always someone putting their hand up to take a turn and on this occasion it was Jaiden Y putting on the gloves. There were shots at goal at both ends and Jaiden didn’t need his hands to stop one attempt; he used his face in what was a mighty strike at goal. It was a good save but it did hurt Jaiden and he needed a rest as the hit shook him up. Kieran stepped into goal and brought his usual competitve spirit into the role, which he needed as a cramp in his leg was restricting his movement. The first was a very tight affair, neither team really dominating. Unfortunately for us, we also lost Antonio to injury, which left our attack very thin considering we are still missing Shane. Edwin was out loan attacking weapon and we found it hard get the ball to him. The half time score was nil all and you got the feeling that one goal would be enough to win the game. And soon after half time, Edwin made a great break through the centre. His shot was on target and only just kept out by their keeper. Chances were hard to come by and an equally desperate scramble at the other end saw Greystances take the lead with about 15 minutes to go. Unfortunately time ran out and we went down 1 – 0. This was a brave performance from our team; down on strike power, the defence worked tirelessly and were unlucky to concede a goal. Marc was a tower of strength at the back and a derserving Player of the Match. Our mid-week games continue with another game on Monday night, this time against Greystanes WHT. One thing is certain, the team will put in a huge effort and represent the club well.

AAM5 We played Wenty this week. Big game as it was 4th vs 5th and we were looking to put some space between us on the table. We were up 2-0 early and went in to the break 3-1 up. In the second half unfortunately we conceded 2 unlucky goals and it ended 3-3. We go again next week 

O45 BLACK played a beautiful game against strong opponent Holroyd Blk. We did not have a full team but only 12 players today. Everyone of us gave 100% and here is the result: 4:1. This is a big win considering we were against a very strong opponent we usually could not get passed. Well done team!

Round 9

Round 10

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